Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lake Calavera Hike

Beautiful flowers greeting you at the start of the trail...

The trail was marked as moderate to difficult, but I thought a good portion of it was pretty tough!  The trek up to over look the lake was very steep, which did end up being a good workout.  I didn't love, however, walking back down the trail, with nothing really to hold on to.  We encountered a few mountain bikers and people walking their dogs, but mostly the trail wasn't busy at all.

Awesome panoramic pic of the lake & surrounding area


Bridge through the creek crossing - very peaceful with trees all arounnd
 Have a sunny day!!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Stuff Friday!

Hello and happy Friday to you! I am super glad it's the weekend (of course)!

Does anyone have a fun activity or trip that you're getting ready for?

Our weekend weather should be sunny skies with temps in the 70s, so my husband and I plan to be outdoors! We're taking a hike and exploring a new trail system close by. We'd also like to go for a bike ride, but that probably depends on the distance of our hike! Reading a good book down by the beach is just about one of the most relaxing things to do, so I'd love to squeeze that in, too. I wouldn't complain, either, if I happened to have a lazy nap, letting the sound of the waves lull me to sleep!

Here are a few fun Friday things, that I am totally loving!

Ampersand art (handmade by me)

Colorful cacti
Madewell Transport Tote

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Hello Again!

It’s been almost three years since my last post! Wow, how the time has flown by! I was looking back through some of my posts and thought, why did I ever stop blogging?!  I'm excited to get back into the groove - a lot has changed for me, with the most recent being a new address in a new state.  I'm super happy to be living close to family now, and within a five minute walk to the beach.  There are so many new, fun things to see, experience and appreciate, and I hope you'll enjoy sharing in my journey!!

Have a sunny day!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I adore my lovely sisters and their extremely cute and squeezeable kids!  I have a sister visit coming up this month, and I'm so excited to spend time with two of my three sisters.  We usually stay up way too late talking, doing crafting projects, eating (too much junk food!), and just generally being silly.  I'm sad that our oldest sister won't be able to join us, but we'll be thinking of and missing her, for sure!  I am so blessed to have wonderful siblings that I am close to and view as my best friends.  Please take the time to tell your sisters and brothers how much they're appreciated and loved! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Casual Comfort

Happy Wednesday!  My last few WIWW posts have been more dressy, so I decided to go the comfortable and casual route.  No skirts or dresses for me today!  The heels are the most dressy thing I wore (I promise!), but I love them for the color contrast to the rest of the outfit.  Plus, they really are comfortable!

Top, Banana Republic; Levi's jeans, Ross; Heels, Target
These capris are great, but so far I've had a hard time finding shoes to match their color.  This is the first time I paired them with the tennis shoes.  They're not my first choice, but I think they worked for this outfit.  Any suggestions?

Everything but the shoes are Target.  The shoes are Keds (that my husband found at Kohl's, for $8!).

The necklace I'm wearing is reversible - one side reads Live the Life you Love & the other, Love the Life you Live.  I thought it was super cute!

Top & camisole, NY&Co.; Shorts, Kohls; Flip flops, Charming Charlies; watch, Fossil
 pleated poppy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Little Black Dresses

Pretending I can play Chris' uke!

I love wearing both of these little black dresses!  The first one is from Old Navy and it's definitely more casual, which is why I normally wear it with flat sandals (Target).  I'm never really sure how or what to accessorize with when the dress is pretty much the outfit, though, so I paired it with turquoise earrings (World Market) and a turquoise bracelet (purchased in Mexico), for a fun pop of color.

The second one is an AB Studio dress.  It's great for warmer or cooler weather, because I can wear it with or without a cardigan.  The shoes (Etienne Aigner) are more dressy, but the chunkier heel makes them comfortable to wear all day long.

So, depending on if it's a play or a work day, I have two fun options to choose from!

pleated poppy


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