Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Good Morning! 


Brand new at Amvets, $20!!
These amazing Etienne Aigner boots!  A thrift store super bargain find of my sister’s, and then a seriously generous gifting of them to me.  Stay tuned for a later post, to find out where these boots will be walking…

dOn'T yOu ThINk i'M cUTe?!!
This clown.  My sister’s kids had two of these (actually headed for donation) and one somehow made its way into my luggage.  I kind of feel bad for the clown – he’s really okay cute, but when you push the hair back from its face, it’s downright creepy!

And here is what I wore yesterday...

Tank, Capris: Target; Necklace: Bealls; Watch: Fossil; Shoes: Aerosole


  1. I'm loving your new blog! Looking forward to all the great posts.

  2. cute blog! Thanks for following me! :) and wow Great deal on those boots.

  3. Stacy, this made me laugh out loud!! Loving your blog!! And no, I don't think your clown is cute! ha ha

  4. cute! you are so pretty. those boots ARE awesome! <3



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